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Precision that inspires

The compact stepper-motor pump, coupled with its intelligent drive concept, combines the big advantages of a solenoid-driven diaphragm dosing pump with the precision of a motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump.
The MEMDOS SMART LK series is available in five capacity ranges. The MEMDOS SMART LK's drive is fully adjustable.
In addition, the MEMDOS SMART LK gives you the possibility to reduce the suction speed in two steps to easily and more precisely dose even viscous dosing media.



  • Capacity range 2.4 – 30.7 l/h, up to 20 bar
  • Power supply 110 – 240 V, 50/60 Hz, IP65, 25 W
  • Microprocessor controlled drive
  • Integrated dosing head venting facility (only MEMDOS SMART LK 2, LK 5 and LK 10 with dosing head made of plastic)
  • Suitable for wall and floor mounting
  • Material finishes PVC, PP, PVDF and stainless steel
  • Stroke frequency can be precisely adjusted via the keyboard
  • Graphic display with multi-language menu
  • Pulse input (increase and reduction)
  • Level input with early warning and main alarm
  • Release input for external start/stop
  • Supply amount displayed in various units
  • Maximum delivery rate can be limited
  • Diaphragm replacement programme
  • One Slow Motion setup possible
  • Stroke feedback output
  • Alarm relay output
  • CSA and UL certified

Further product views

MEMDOS SMART LK 2510152030
Delivery capacity at max. back pressurel/h
ml/stroke 0.220.571.191.522.273.41
Max. delivery pressurebar 20 (16*)1610653
Delivery capacity at average back pressurel/h 2.65.711.314.421.231
ml/stroke 0.280.631.261.602.363.44
Average delivery pressurebar 108532.51.5
Nominal stroke frequencyRPM 150
Suction lift for non-gassing mediamWS 3
Max. supply pressurembar 800
Diameter of diaphragmmm 333954
Valve size DN3**/DN4DN4
Voltage supply 110 – 240 V, -10 % / +5 %, 50/60 Hz
Power consumptionW 25
Protection class IP65 (with covering caps on the connections)
Insulation class F
Material PVC, PP, PVDF, 1.4571
WeightPVC, PP, PVDFkg ~2,2
Stainless steel (1.4571) ~3,3
Permitted ambient temperature°C 5 – 45 (with PVC parts 5 – 40)
Permitted media temperature°C 80 (with PVC parts 35; with PP parts 60)

* PVC version
** DN3 only for double ball valves
Subject to technical changes