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Declaration concerning the use of conflict minerals

Concerning the use of conflict minerals as covered by the Dodd Frank Act we as Lutz Holding GmbH herewith declare for us and our affiliated companies Lutz Pumpen GmbH, Lutz-Jesco GmbH, Lutz GmbH & Co. KG, MTE Motors and Tools Engineering S.A. and any other subsidiaries belonging to our group of companies in connection with the “Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act”,
effective as per July 21st, 2010 the following:


As manufacturer of drum and container pumps, dosing pumps and primary packaging material made of glass tubing we do not directly import minerals or socalled “conflict minerals” like cassiterite, columbite-tantalite (coltan, tantalum ore), gold, wolframite (tungsten ore). These minerals are only used in processed form as additives in metals, in surface coatings or in electronic components.


We purchase our intermediates exclusively from renowned manufacturers who are audited according to our quality standards. In most cases, our suppliers have been known to us for many years and are no “grey market” suppliers.


As user of intermediates we have no influence on the origin of the materials employed by our suppliers and therefore, we are not in a position to take over any responsibility. When dealing with our suppliers we plead for traceability and transparency of their products. Many of our suppliers provide information concerning material consistency and origin on their website.


We trust you will understand that due the large number of inquiries in this respect we cannot complete individual questionnaires. However, we hope that this letter contains all the information you require.


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