Pressure safety shutoff valve for chlorine gas systems

The pressure safety shutoff valve ChlorStop is designed to interrupt the chlorine gas supply or escape of chlorine gas directly from a chlorine tank following a chlorine alarm or the detection of positive pressure (e.g. by the safety blow-off valve PLUS).

The ChlorStop is fitted directly to the tank valve. The valve closes in the shortest-possible time through an electromagnet. This ensures the highest safety standard and prevents further escape of chlorine gas.



  • Interruption of the chlorine gas supply directly from a chlorine tank valve
  • Shortest closing time with electromagnets
  • Direct connection e.g. for a chlorine vacuum regulator possible
  • Suitable for gaseous chlorine
  • Optional control unit for simultaneous closing of up to 12 valves
  • Simple start-up
  • Simple and space-saving installation
  • Low maintenance effort
  • For chlorine gas in accordance with DIN EN 15363 and 937

Further product views

Nominal pressure PN16
Operating mode Closed current principle 100% ED
Reaction time upon triggerSec. 1 approx.
Power consumption per valveW 5
Supply voltageV DC 24
Protection class IP65
Ambient temperature°C 0 – 55
Material in contact with the media Monel, PTFE, brass (nickel-plated)
Weightkg 1.8
Control unit for ChlorStop
Voltage supply 110 – 230 V AC, 50/60 Hz
Control voltage 24 V DC / 5 W
Protection class IP65
Housing material Plastic
WeightWithout UPSkg 12 approx.
With UPSkg 15 approx.
Ambient temperature°C 0 – 55 (no direct sunlight)

Subject to technical changes


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