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EASYPURE Powder & Liquid

For clean separation

EASYPURE Powder & Liquid is a fully automatic system for the continuous preparation of powder and liquid polymer dosing solutions. The 3-chamber system largely avoids displacements of the prepared polymer.


EASYPURE Polymer System

  • 3-chamber system
  • Processing of powder and liquid polymers
  • Easy to operate
  • Control in the control cabinet
  • Multilingual operating display
  • Manual and automatic operation
  • Fill level monitoring
  • Delivery rate up to 10000 l/h

Further product views

Operating pressurebar 2 – 6
Maturing timemin 60
Concentration% 0.1 – 0.5
Permissible grain sizemm 123
Nominal water consumptionl/h 50010002000300040005000600010000
Protection class IP54
Permissible ambient temperature°C +5 to +40
Maximum viscositymPas 2500

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation manual
PI: Product information


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