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Powerful motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump

Diaphragm dosing pumps of the MEMDOS MR series have been developed for a broad range of applications. Thus they are used in the industrial sector, in process engineering and very frequently in water and waste water treatment. They are leakproof. Standard versions are with the head located on the left-hand side. dosing pumps with the head on the right-hand side can be supplied. Duplex dosing pumps are available with the head combinations shown in the following tables. The heads are arranged in diagonals.  



  • PP and stainless steel dosing heads
  • Double-ball valves (up to MR 290)
  • Spring-loaded flat-seat valves (starts with MR 400)
  • Spring-loaded single-ball valves (optional)
  • Separation chamber between dosing head and gearbox, with drainage pipe
  • Stroke adjustment either manually or electrically (ATE)
  • Dublex head pumps (optional)
  • Stroke counter with inductive detector for charge-processes (optional)
  • Frequency converter controlling (optional)

Further product views

MEMDOS MR 400600980
Max. pressurebar 54
Flow rate at max. pressurel/h 440640990
ml/stroke 165
Stroke frequencymin-1 4770101
Diaphragm-ømm 185
Weight plastickg 38
Weight stainl. 48

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction
MB: Dimension sheet