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Chlorinator C 2525-V

Chlorinator C 2525-V

Dosing chlorine gas in larger amounts

To avoid the risk of chlorine leakage all pipings and devices downstream of the vacuum regulator are below atmospheric pressure. In case of leakage air is sucked into the system, but no chlorine escapes into the atmosphere.


Chlorinator C 2525-V

  • Flow rate with chlorine gas: up to 25 kg/h
  • Safe operation with vacuum technology
  • Included relief valve
  • Highly resistant materials
  • Optional pressure gauge

Further product views

Flow rate with chlorinekg/h up to 25
Inlet pressurebar 1.5...16
Operation vaccummbar -50...-100
Relief pressurembar 50
Pressure gauge (optional)bar / mm 0...16 / Ø63
Materials of constructionInlet valve nickel plated brass, ceramic, Hastelloy
Vacuum part PVC
Sealings FPM, PTFE
Weight (with flange and pressure gauge)kg 6
Ambient temperature°C 0...40 (no direct sun light)

Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction
PI: Product information

Description Order no.
Flange DN 25 / PN 40 with tongue acc. EN1092 shape CThreaded flange 1" NPT female 15927
Weld neck flange
Ø33.7 x 4 mm
Liquid sealing compound 50 ml for bonding of 1” NPT-threads    
Ammonia solution 50 ml for leakage test 13514
8/12 mm PE tubing for relief valve 97124

Spare parts

Description Order no.
Maintenance kit for inlet valve (for annual service) includes: gaskets, valve seat, ball, spring, screws 39369
Maintenance kit for C 2525-V (for bi-yearly service) includes: complete diaphragm plate, maintenance kit for inlet valve 38555
Gasket for flange DN 25 / PN 40 with groove and tongue 81421
Pressure gauge 0...16 bar connection 1/4” NPT male (Replacement is recommended after 5 years of use) 24087599