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    Stepper motor metering pump

    • For demanding and complex metering tasks
    • External sensors such as pressure sensor, flow sensor, water meter and Flowcon can be evaluated.
    • Scalable analog and pulse input
    • Clear user interface with structured menu navigation
      • EASYPRO

        Water sampling station

        • For monitoring and controlling a range of water parameters
        • Measurement of water parameters by multi-channel Controller TOPAX® MC
        • Multicolor LEDs for optical warning
        • Automatic continuous recording of the water parameters and depiction in the trend course
      • TOPAX® MC

        Multi-channel controller

        • Modular structure of the inputs and outputs
        • Up to four sensors and additionally up to four temperature sensors
        • Graphical display of the deviation from the desired setpoint
        • Service entries and sensor change can be saved
        • Large colour touch-display
        • Data is saved on a USB flash drive
      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

        EASYCON GW

        Gas warning device

        • For use with chlorine gas, chlorine dioxide and ozone
        • Compact wall casing
        • Reliable and individual
        • Large colour touch-display
        • Data is saved on a USB flash drive
      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


        Pressure safety shutoff valve for chlorine gas systems

        • Interruption of the chlorine gas supply directly from a chlorine tank valve
        • Shortest closing time with electromagnets
        • Suitable for gaseous chlorine
        • Simple and space-saving installation
        • Low maintenance effort
      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

        The All-rounder series

        NEW - Further-developed MAGDOS LB

        Sporting a new connection port to permit external operation or the connection of accessories, it also comes equipped with an LED indicating the operating state.

      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

        Dosing head ventilation V

        Trouble-free dosing

        • Can be fitted to all MAGDOS dosing pumps
          sizes 05 – 15
        • Easy to assemble
        • High chemical resistance
        • Transparent PMMA dosing head
        • PVC valves and connections
      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

        Why be complicated
        when you can do it simply?

        Our new app will show you how!


        The App for iPad and iPone is available from the iTunes App Store.

      • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


        Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

        • MINICHLORGEN models available for 30, 60 and
          90 g/h chlorine capacity
        • Robust and attractive plastic cover
        • electrolytic chamber with vivid LED illumination
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