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Priming Aids

Priming Aids

For a perfect dosing result

All types of dosing pumps with low flow rates per stroke often haven priming problems which grow as the suction lift and the liquid density increase. Low flow rates may be due to the size of the pump or to a reduced stroke adjustment. The priming difficulties during start-up result from dry valves as well as from the high air volume within the suction line still being unfilled and the dosing head. In dosing systems with frequent periods of disuse, the priming aid is of great use because it makes priming much easier for the pump.


Priming Aids

  • Syphon-type collector
  • ASH without pumping device
  • AHP with pumping device
  • Types 65, 95, 250, 3000 and 5000

Further product views

Priming aid ASH 659525030005000
Version Priming aid PVC, seals FPMPriming aid PVC transparent, seals FPMPriming aid, PVC transparent, seals FPM / EPDM
Installation Connected suction side on the dosing pumpWall mounting with clamps or container fitting with stand possible
Connection sizes G5/8, G3/4Hose 4/6, 6/8Hose 6/12 Glued socket Ø32
Priming volume 65 ml95 ml250 ml 3000 ml5000 ml

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