Heating collar

Heating collar

Security against the reliquification of chlorine gas

Heating collars are used to warm pipes and enable the avoidance of chlorine gas reliquification and the evaporation of smaller quantities of liquid chlorine in those devices (e.g. moisture eliminators, chlorine gas filters) used to protect chlorinators against damage from liquid chlorine.


Heating collar

  • This provides security against the reliquification of chlorine gas
  • For the removal of liquid chlorine droplets in overpressure lines
  • Suitable for piping, chlorine gas filters and the Condichlor
  • Flush contact with the pipe surface to be warmed
  • Protected against moisture
  • Long service life

Further product views

Material Silicone
Heightmm 100
Interior diameter (nominal width)mm Ø32 (DN25)Ø 60,3 (DN50)
Heating capacityW 2530
Supply voltage 120V 50/60 Hz und 240V 50/60 Hz
Electrical connection 3 m line, 3 wire with open
ends and 0.2 m ground loop  
Temperature control No
Ambient temperature°C -40 – +100

Subject to technical changes


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