CondiChlor 10K

Pressure reducing valve with chlorine filter

While dosing chlorine gas the most common trouble cause besides the impurities is proved to be liquid chlorine. CondiChlor 10K is effective in preventing these malfunctions. The moisture eliminator collects the liquid chlorine before it can damage the subsequent devices. A heating collar ensures that the liquid chlorine evaporates and the process is available again. Then the chlorine passes the ceramic filter. It provides effective protection for the subsequent devices against soiling from the chlorine drum and the piping system.


Chlorine Gas Filter CondiChlor

  • The liquid chlorine is first collected from the container in a moisture eliminator and then evaporated using a heating sleeve.mpft.
  • The chlorine gas is then filtered.
  • The valve reduces the pressure and prevents condensation in the System.
  • A pressure gauge displays the reduced pressure with which the chlorine gas enters the System.

Further product views

Max. throughput Cl2kg/h 10/25
Pressure stage PN 25
Required supply pressurebar 3
Adjustment range output pressurebar 1 – 3
Max pressure loss in devicebar 0.5
Absolute filter unitμm >2.5
Volume of the moisture eliminatorml 150 approx.
Optional pressure gaugeMeasuring rangebar 0 – 16
Sizemm Ø63
Accuracy% ± 2.5 from the final scale reading
Load capacity of the contacts 50 V / 0.5 A / 10 W
Materials in contact with the mediaHousing Steel, galvanised brass, monel
Filter, ball Ceramic
Spring Hastelloy
Diaphragms FPM
Seals FPM
Weight with pressure gauge and wall holderskg 6.5 approx.
Ambient temperature°C 0 – 55 (no direct sunlight)
Luftfeuchtigkeit% max. 95, non condensing

Subject to technical changes


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