Centrifugal pump TMR G3

Centrifugal pump TMR G3

Conveying chemicals safely

With non-contact magnetic power transmission, no dynamic shaft seals are necessary and thus a hermetically sealed pump housing is possible, which prevents leaks. Bearing materials made of ceramic and Rulon allow individual adaptation to difficult operating conditions, such as dry run, small amounts of solids or highly aggressive media.


Centrifugal pump TMR G3

  • No dynamic shaft seals
  • Pump hermetically sealed
  • Version "R" suitable for dry running by means of a patented magnetic „two axial directions self-aligning system“
  • Also suitable for liquids with high specific weight
  • Variable connections possibilities
  • Protection plate made of metal protects the pump housing against mechanical damage

Further product views

Material volute casing
rear casing
PP (GF-reinforced)ECTFE (CF-reinforced)
Material seal Viton® 1)Viton® 1) 2)
Guide bearing "R" HD-carbon
Guide bearing "X" SiC-
Guide bearing "N" Rulon®-
Material shaft CeramicSiC
Material thrust ring CeramicSiC
Operating temperature°C -5...+80-20...+100

InletBSP G 2
OutletBSP G 1 1/2
Suction flange DN50
Pressure flange DN40
Max. delivery ratem3/h 3136354348
Max. delivery headmWC 25303540223040
Motor power
motor type N
Motor power
motor type P
Motor power
motor type S

On request: 1) EPDM and 2) FFKM (Kalrez®)
Subject to technical changes


BA: Operation instruction