Polymers and more - Polymer preparing and dosing station
„EASYPURE Powder and Liquid“

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Polymer preparing and dosing station for fully automatic preparation of liquid and/or powder polymers. Flocculation aids are used wherever colloidal solids must be systemically separated from liquids. These systems are needed in numerous scopes of application such as wastewater treatment plants, sludge drainage, water treatment and industrial wastewater preparations. Application areas can be found in, for example, electroplating, paper industry, PCB industry, mining, automotive industry, chemical industry or power plants.

The systems are based on our diverse and extensive experience in the development and use of dosing systems and technologies for water and wastewater treatment, and complement Lutz-Jesco's extensive range of products. The components used are manufactured predominantly in our own factory.


The "EASYPURE Powder and Liquid" polymer preparing and dosing station produces a finished polymer solution as a flocculation aid made of polymer powder or liquid concentrate and drinking water. The polymer solution is provided in a dosing chamber. Both basis solutions and ready-to-use solutions with pre-determined concentrations can be prepared. The pre-set concentration threshold amounts to 0.3 – 0.6 %.


The system can be used to generate salt or coagulant solutions which do not present large amounts of soiling.


After the approach and the necessary maturity time, the finished polymer solution is ready for removal and further dosage from one or more dosing pumps. The dosing pumps can be regulated from the system control and thus integrated in automatic operation. The dosing solution is prepared in a container divided into three chambers. Therefore, the preparation, maturing and withdrawal (dosing) steps take place continuously. An agitator is installed in both the preparation and maturing chamber to support the solution process. The system is optionally available with an agitator in the dosing chamber.

After the dry feed is dissolved in the first chamber, the solution moves across the dividing wall into the second chamber (maturing chamber). The maturing time available for generating a basis solution depends on the withdrawal volume and the capacity of the system. With a maximum withdrawal volume, it amounts to approx. 60 minutes. The systems can be supplied with a capacity of 500, 1000, 2000, 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 or 10000 litres per hour.

The "EASYPURE Preparation and Dosing Station" is executed with pre-dilution and Suspensomat. The drinking water is supplied via a solenoid valve and a flow meter that set the exact amount of water. The dry feeder is equipped with a nosepiece heater and can adjust the concentration of the polymer solution via a frequency converter. The exact fill levels are detected by a level monitor and transmitted to the control. The control and monitoring of the processes is performed by a PLC with a user-friendly touch panel.



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