The All-rounder series

    NEW - Further-developed MAGDOS LB

    Sporting a new connection port to permit external operation or the connection of accessories, it also comes equipped with an LED indicating the operating state.

  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    Dosing head ventilation V

    Trouble-free dosing

    • Can be fitted to all MAGDOS dosing pumps
      sizes 05 – 15
    • Easy to assemble
    • High chemical resistance
    • Transparent PMMA dosing head
    • PVC valves and connections
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    Why be complicated
    when you can do it simply?

    Our new app will show you how!


    The App for iPad and iPone is available from the iTunes App Store.

  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIV

    EASYPRO - Compact

    The compact one

    • Compact equipment
    • Control of the downstream dosing systems
    • Automatic recording of the measured values via separate software possible
    • Easy to assemble
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

    • MINICHLORGEN models available for 30, 60 and
      90 g/h chlorine capacity
    • Robust and attractive plastic cover
    • electrolytic chamber with vivid LED illumination
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    Safe mobile emergency chlorination

    Simple & easy production of a hypochlorite solution
    for the disinfection of drinking water

    • Simple handling
    • Low investment requirements
    • Calcium hypochlorite of the highest quality
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    The All-Rounder Series

    Concentrates on the essential - 

    external control.

    • Analogue input settable 0/4 - 20 mA
    • Level input with early warning and main alarm
    • Release input for external start/stop
    • CSA and UL certified
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    CondiChlor 10K

    Effective against liquid chlorine

    Pressure reducing valve with chlorine filter

    • The liquid chlorine is first collected then evaporated using a heating sleeve.
    • The chlorine gas is then filtered.
    • The valve reduces the pressure and prevents condensation in the System.
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    The compact

    Filter desinfection with chlorine dioxide

    • Compact system for the on-site production of chlorine dioxide
    • High product stability
    • Integrated monitoring of all the functions
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