Safe mobile emergency chlorination

    Simple & easy production of a hypochlorite solution
    for the disinfection of drinking water

    • Simple handling
    • Low investment requirements
    • Calcium hypochlorite of the highest quality
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    The All-Rounder Series

    Concentrates on the essential - 

    external control.

    • Analogue input settable 0/4 - 20 mA
    • Level input with early warning and main alarm
    • Release input for external start/stop
    • CSA and UL certified
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    CondiChlor 10K

    Effective against liquid chlorine

    Pressure reducing valve with chlorine filter

    • The liquid chlorine is first collected then evaporated using a heating sleeve.
    • The chlorine gas is then filtered.
    • The valve reduces the pressure and prevents condensation in the System.
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    The compact

    Filter desinfection with chlorine dioxide

    • Compact system for the on-site production of chlorine dioxide
    • High product stability
    • Integrated monitoring of all the functions
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    The All-Rounder Series

    MAGDOS Series

    • Innovative calibration function
    • Integrated web server
    • Energy-saving "Eco-mode" available
    • Maintenance-free drive
    • Bus connection via the Ethernet
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    Powder & Liquid

    Polymer preparation and dosing station

    • Processing of powder and liquid polymers
    • Control in the control cabinet
    • Manual and automatic operation
    • Fill level monitoring
    • Delivery rate up to 10000 l/h
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    Safe, reliable & efficient on-site generation of sodium hypochlorite

    • On site electrolysis of brine for safe generation and preparation of <1% sodium hypochlorite solution
    • Easy to operate
    • Chlorine production from 25 g/h to 8.5 kg/h
    • Manual and automatic operation
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE

    The Revolutionary Series

    MEMDOS Series

    • "Stand-Alone" Mode - without a frequency converter
    • Innovative calibration function
    • ATEX versions are available for zones 1 + 2
    • Bus connection via the Ethernet
  • Lutz-Jesco INNOVATIVE


    Important values securely under control

    As a multi-channel controller the TOPAX DX monitors the current water values during the preparation of the water and it controls in real-time the connected metering system for treating the water.

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