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World Water Day 2024 – „Modern technologies will release the suffering of people"

19.03.2024 - 

Wertheim, 22 March 2024 - With modern treatment technology for mobile water plants, Lutz-Jesco GmbH from Wertheim is ensuring a stable supply of drinking water in destroyed areas of Ukraine. To mark...

The “MEMDOS SMART” stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps from Lutz-Jesco -

03.11.2016 - 

Reacting to customer demand, Lutz-Jesco has extended the capacity range of the tried-and.tested “MEMDOS SMART” series. The capacity range of the pumps covers 2.4 l/h at 20 bar to 30.7 l/h at 3 bar...

The new MAGDOS LA – adapted to your needs

13.07.2015 - 


The new MAGDOS LA dosing pump is is the latest addition to our all-rounder series. It concentrates on the important things - external control.


Previously, this task was performed by our high end...

Time for change - Discontinuation MEMDOS E/DX

20.02.2015 - 

Lutz-Jesco develops innovative products incorporating the latest technology in order to optimize the existing product range.

This means that you can be confident that our solutions meet the current...

Successful trade fair appearance

30.10.2013 - 

Between 22 and 25 October 2013, Lutz-Jesco appearance at the aquanale 2013

Introducing the new app by Lutz-Jesco!

29.11.2012 - 

Get an all-encompassing view on the new generation of dosing pumps by Lutz-Jesco.

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