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Jobs international

Spread out over the continents, Lutz-Jesco runs a network of branches that are active worldwide:

  • Lutz-Jesco GmbH Austria
    Sales und assembly
  • Lutz-Jesco (GB) Ltd.
  • Lutz-Jesco Nederland B.V.
  • Lutz-Jesco Üzletág
  • Lutz-Jesco America Corp.
    Sales, production und assembly
  • Lutz-Jesco East Asia Sdn Bhd, Malaysia
  • Lutz-Jesco Middle East FZE, UAE
    Sales und assembly
  • LUTZ France S.A.S

The increasing demand for high-quality products for the disinfection of drinking water / bathing water and/or the treatment of waste water means we are also growing internationally.

So we are constantly looking to expand our personnel in our other branches and would be happy to receive your application for the following areas or positions:

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