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Hand Mixers

Hand Mixers

For a perfect dosing result

Hand mixers in the form of hand stirrers or vertical-motion agitators are used in dosing technology to mix a dosing solution quickly and smoothly in the chemical supply tank. Whether a hand stirrer or agitator is selected depends on which form of operation is preferred. A vertical-motion agitator permits higher manual energy input, while hand stirrer is adequate if the substances to be mixed are soluble.

Hand Mixers

  • Hand stirrers in PVC
  • Hand mixers in PVC
  • Different lengths

Further product views

Tank capacityl 45601002003005001000
Lengthmm 2504506007508509501200
Connection hand stirrers -G 1 1/2G 1 1/2M60x2M60x2M60x2
Hand agitatormm -160160200200250
Hand mixersmm 115115115115115115115

Subject to technical changes