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Electric Agitators

Electric Agitators

For a perfect dosing result

In dosing technology, agitators are useful accessories in order to mix the media to be metered homogeneously. Especially in the case of powdery additives or liquids which are difficult to dilute, the high-speed propeller agitators are essential. Suspensions must be circulated permanently or at least periodically so that the distribution of the substance remains homogeneous.

Electric Agitators

  • AC or 3-phase current motors
  • Agitators are fitted with a three-blade PVDF or stainless steel propeller
  • Pitch of the propeller blades is left-handed (media to be mixed is delivered towards the bottom)
  • Agitator shafts are mounted directly on the motor shaft
  • Agitators are available in stainless steel, stainless steel with PVDF coating or stainless steel with PP coating
  • Standard lengths: 500, 700, 800, 900 and 1000 mm

Further product views

Nominal powerkW
Nominal speedmin-1 142013701450142014001400
Recirculation capacitym3/h ~50~70~70~70~100~200
Tank size up 300 lup 500 lfrom 500 lfrom 500 lup 1000 lup 3000 l
Propeller Ømm 100100100100125150

Subject to technical changes