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Flow control

The FLOWCON LP 1 flow sensor was specially developed for monitoring oscillating volume flows. Thanks to ist particularly compact design it can be installed directly on a pump's discharge valve. It uses a reed switch to forward flow fluctuations in the line as an electric pulse. Software embedded in the MAGDOS LP is used to analyse the FLOWCON signal. As an alternative, the system can analyse the FLOWCON using an SPS.

Flow Meter FLOWCON LP 1

  • Efficient monitoring of pulsating volume flows
  • Compact design, highly robust product
  • Easy handling
  • Capacity between 0.36 and 13 l/h
  • Electric analysis using MAGDOS LP or performed externally using SPS

Further product views

Housing material PMMA / PVC
Sealing material FPM or EPDM
ConnectionsInput Cap nut G5/8
Output Threaded pin G5/8
Dosing range MAGDOS LP 05 – 15
Max. viscosity 400 mPas (dependent on spring used)
If the dosing pump is used MAGDOS LP 15: 40 mPas
Max. back pressure 16 bar
Max. stroke frequency 250 min-1
Electrical connection M12x1 plug connector (A-coded)
Permitted media temperature 5 – 35 °C
Permitted ambient temperature 0 – 40 °C
Switching capacity reed switch 48 V AC/DC, 0.5 A, max. 12 VA
Weight 0.26 kg

Subject to technical changes

Description Order no.
PVC baseClamp connection 4/6 - G5/8 34560
Clamp connection 6/9 - G5/8 40934
Clamp connection 6/12 - G5/8 34561
PVC wall bracketG5/8 34563

Spare parts

Description Order no.
Spare spring for viscosities of up to 150 mPas 23788
Spare spring for viscosities of up to 400 mPas 22016
Spare reed switch 79615