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Simple & easy production of a hypochlorite solution

The CHC dosing station EASYCHLORMIX is a new and safe system for the production of a hypochlorite solution. The calcium hypochlorite (CHC), available as granulate in 25 l or 60 l packages is dissolved directly in the water and then led to your process water via a special dosing pump from the MAGDOS series.



  • Simple and safe handling of the calcium hypochlorite
  • Low investment costs
  • Small space requirements
  • A protected pump bracket brings additional safety
  • No refilling and turning over of the packaging required
  • Delivery package with 25l and 60l volumes available
  • Packaging with UN approval for calcium hypochlorite
  • Calcium hypochlorite of the highest quality
  • Long-term storage stability
  • The greatest proportion of the insoluble constituents remain in the packaging
  • Low chlorate development even in disadvantageous storage conditions within the requirements of DIN 19643
  • Complies with all the minimum requirements of the technical regulations

Further product views

Chlorine performanceg/h 3367159246383524713
Chlorine concentrationg/l ca. 50
Delivery capacity at approx. 2 bar back pressurel/h 0.6611.3373.1714.9147.66910.4814.26
Power consumptionW 8131925
Voltage supply 230 V AC 50 Hz
Protection class IP65
Ambient temperature°C 5 - 40
Adjustable dosing range% 0 - 100

Subject to technical changes