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Changeover C 7523

Changeover C 7523

Continuous gas supply

The vacuum chlorine changeover unit effects automatic switching between the two cylinders or drum batteries. The device is suitable for total vacuum systems - the vacuum regulator is part of the supply battery.


Electric Changeover Unit C 7523

  • Capacity stages 4 kg/h up to 80 kg/h
  • Residue discharge
  • Control with indication of operation
  • 5 relays for remote signalling
  • Manual changeover via key press



up to 80 kg/h Cl2

Operating pressure

-1 – 0 bar

Contact gauge

Ø63 mm, class 2.5

Setting range of the switching
point on the contact gauge

-0,9 – -0,1 bar

Changeover time

approx. 22 s

Material in contact with the media

PVC / FPM / Silver / coated brass

Further materials

Coated steel, PP, ABS

Voltage supply

115 – 230 V AC

Protection class


Load capacity of the relay

max. 3 A / 250 V AC


approx. 7 kg

Ambient temperature

0 – 55 °C,
avoid direct sunlight



Subject to technical changes





BA: Operation instruction
PI: Product information
MB: Dimension sheet