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Chlorine Evaporator C 6100

Chlorine Evaporator C 6100

For a perfect dosing result

The chlorine evaporator C 6100 has a heating element which in a simple and economical method converts up to 220 kg/h of liquid chlorine into chlorine gas. Chlorine evaporators are mainly used in water treatment plants of cooling water systems for power plants, large factories, petrochemical installations as well as waste water treatment plants.


Chlorine Evaporator C 6100

  • Evaporator output of up to 220 kg Cl2/h
  • Evaporation coil design with water as a heating medium
  • Hot water tank and evaporation coil made of seamless pressure tank steel
  • Electrical heating of the water using immersion heaters
  • Sensors for monitoring the temperature, pressure and fill level
  • Visual indicators for pressure, fill level and temperature
  • Cathodic anti-corrosion protection

Further product views

Evaporation coil volume (model variant) 1,8 dm38,3 dm3
Evaporator capacitykg/h 65220
Heating capacitykW 2 x 54 x 5
Volume of warm water tankLitres 175
Voltage supply 230/400 V, 50/60 Hz
Contact load ratingContact thermometer Max. 250 V, max. 1 A, 30 W
Contact pressure gauge
Temperature monitoring Max. 250 V, max. 2 A
Chlorine connection (inlet and outlet) Flange DN25/PN40 that complies with EN 1092 Form D (groove)
Permissible ambient temperature°C 0 – 50
Hydrostatic test pressurebar 60
Operating pressurebar 40 (100 °C)
Weightkg 275
Control cabinet for chlorine evaporator
Voltage supplykg 3x 400 V (-15%) 50 Hz (±1%)
Power consumptionA max. 50
Control voltage 24 V DC / 24 V AC
Housing material Sheet steel, painted
Protection class IP55
Weightkg 50 approx.
Ambient temperature°C 0 – 50 (no direct sunlight)

Subject to technical changes