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Circulating salt water in a seawater aquarium

To create a marine biotope and the necessary living conditions, water quality and reef construction must correspond to each other. Before the drinking water can be used as sea water it must be treated in water softener, osmosis and sludge systems. Food residues, urine and dense-medium materials affect the water circulation.

Therefore filter systems must be used. The water flows over nitrifying bacteria and is thus cleaned. It is filtered additionally with quartz sand, activated carbon and UV systems. One million litres of water per hour are circulated through the shark tank alone, i.e. the whole water volume flows through the filter at least twice per hour.

Four centrifugal pumps are responsible for this circulating process. These low-speed circulating pumps ensure a smooth flow of the sea water in order not to disturb the sharks. As the exchange of the water must be guaranteed it is vital that the centrifugal pumps work reliably.

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