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Treatment of bathing water in swimming baths

A further typical field of application for Lutz-Jesco products – as well as their use for treatment of drinking water – is the dosing and measurement required for maintaining water hygiene parameters in public and private swimming baths. The cleanliness of water in swimming baths - the avoidance of contamination by germs, bacteria, viruses and other pathogens harmful to humans – depends on professional dosing of disinfectants and other regulatory media.

Lutz-Jesco dosing devices have been used successfully for many years to deliver both gaseous and liquid media. Lutz-Jesco offers professional accessories, fittings and matching components for complete water disinfection installations in swimming baths. Lutz-Jesco products satisfy all the relevant DIN standards and EU directives, and offer unqualified performance of their tasks and requirements.

Linked and regulated by the precise functionality of Lutz-Jesco measurement and control technology, they achieve a very high assurance of constantly good water quality. Furthermore, Lutz-Jesco measurement devices, fittings and control elements can be combined to create a compact and user-friendly modular water measurement control panel.

Chlorine-based chemicals are outstandingly suitable for disinfection. There are various possible ways to deliver chlorine into a water system. Lutz-Jesco dosing pumps achieve chlorine bleach feeding to exactly the same standards as chlorine gas feeding using Lutz-Jesco underpressure / vacuum systems. And last but not least are the through-flow chlorine electrolysis systems offered by Technopool which are used for disinfection of salt water pools and are highly environmentally-friendly.

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