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Company philosophy

Lutz-Jesco company philosophy

Lutz-Jesco is successfully operating all over the world, and in the special field of metering technology has acquired a reputation that is recognised for excellence.

Lutz-Jesco has earned a leading position internationally; and this position must be further developed and strengthened.

Our company represents innovative products with high quality, safety and reliability.

We achieve maximum customer satisfaction through a customer-oriented sales and after-sales service with highly specialised staff.

Our aim is to continue being an independent, profitable and autonomous company and to use our own strengths to withstand market and worldwide competition. This includes meaningful cooperation and alliances with other companies which are also beneficial for our company.

As a logical continuation of this philosophy, and in order to diversify our product range, Lutz-Jesco includes other products that will ensure long-lasting benefits for our customers.

Our company location is in Germany.

Our high quality standards are created here and developed here using modern production technologies.

Within the European Union, in globalised markets and the increasing national and international competition our company is constantly re-aligning itself in order to keep meeting market demands, and finally satisfy the increased requirements of our customers.

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