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Why be complicated when you can do it simply?

Our new app will show you how!

03.08.2017 - 


We have reached a further milestone. The little sister to the large-scale chlorine App (up to 200 kg/h) can now be downloaded from the App Store.


Our new app displays an example of a small chlorine system up to 10 kg/h. Navigate through the virtual areas in the system and zoom in on every detail, no matter how small. Due to the 3D view it is possible to observe our products from any angle of view.


Inform yourself about our extensive product range from the chlorination technology. Have a look at the comprehensive product description with the related technical data.




Every product icon hides a comprehensive product description with the relevant technical data.

BannerTake the virtual tour

Navigate through the individual rooms of the small chlorine system and view the products from any angle.

BannerMenu bar

A search for a specific product will generate an immediate product view in the App with all the relevant information.


Change between the languages when and how you want.

Much fun with the virtual tour.

Get the new Lutz-Jesco App for your iPad and iPhone now from iTunes.


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