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The “MEMDOS SMART” stepper motor-driven diaphragm dosing pumps from Lutz-Jesco -

03.11.2016 - 

Reacting to customer demand, Lutz-Jesco has extended the capacity range of the tried-and.tested “MEMDOS SMART” series. The capacity range of the pumps covers 2.4 l/h at 20 bar to 30.7 l/h at 3 bar back pressure. The capacity increase has been achieved using a new, stronger drive now installed in all the pumps of this series as a matter of course. The previous maximum of 20 l/h has been extended to 30.7 l/h with a good back pressure. The smallest pump with a 2.4 l/h delivery capacity presented the challenge of achieving the required dosing accuracy with sufficient effectiveness. This is achieved using the new DN 3 valves with even more precise valve balls and valve seats made of ceramic.

The compact stepper motor pumps, coupled with their intelligent drive concept, combines the big advantages of a solenoid diaphragm dosing pump with the precision of a motor-driven diaphragm dosing pump.


Wide range of applications

The MEMDOS SMART drive is fully adjustable. The stepper motor with its wear-free tooth belt drive, ensures a particularly homogeneous and gentle dosing process. The pressure and suction strokes can be performed at different speeds. Reducing the delivery rate for media with a higher viscosity can achieve a constant supply stream by e.g. setting the suction stroke to maximum speed and adapting the speed of the pressure stroke to the required delivery rate (in slow mode). This produces an almost constant supply stream for this medium, which enables low-pulsation, low stress dosing.

The MEMDOS SMART is also available with an optional Ethernet interface. The stroke frequency, number of strokes, runtime, batch and much more can be controlled via the network interface module. Errors and malfunctions are also transmitted from the pump.

Unexpected stoppage of the pumps resulting from position detection of the diaphragm avoids overdosing and prevents the resulting downtime.

The compact structure of the MEMDOS SMART means that it requires a small installation surface. This enables its problem-free integration in smaller compact dosing systems. A matching accessory set consisting of suction lines, a hose, injection nozzles, back-pressure and pressure-relief valves, wall brackets, spacers and a range of cables, plugs and adapters from out comprehensive range of accessories means that nothing stands in the way of a quick installation, and you get the best results.


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